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What is a Matterport virtual tour?

What is a Virtual Tour?

A virtual tour is a digital twin of a physical space that is created using videos or still images. The benefit of virtual tours is that they can be viewed via any smart phone or tablet device.

There has been a technological explosion over the past few years which has dramatically changed the virtual tour experience. We have seen tours develop from simple static 2D photography into a virtual reality and 3D revolution.

Matterport True3D

A Matterport 3D Virtual Tour takes virtual tours to a whole new level by offering a fully interactive, completely immersive 3D experience. People are able to gain a real world perspective of your residential or business space . They can navigate through, step by step, floor by floor in a fun and unique way. Matterport virtual tours can be included on your website, shared across social media and integrated into your Google Business Listing.

How does a Matterport virtual tour work?

When we create a Matterport virtual tour we use infrared scanning technology to collect accurate visual and spatial data. This scanned data is uploaded to the cloud, where Matterport’s powerful algorithms go to work. Your real-world data is processed to create a fully interactive 3D representation of your space that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Are Matterport virtual tours useful?

If you are looking for a unique way to showcase your space, a Matterport virtual is ideal. At VirtualPro we work with business owners commercial and real estate agents to help them adopt this technology so they can provide completely immersive 3D virtual tours to potential buyers, customers, and guests. Imagine offering a 24/7 open door experience and allowing visitors to enjoy a virtual walk-through anytime day or night. This is just one of the benefits of including a 3D virtual tour as part of your existing online marketing strategy.

It is quick and easy to get started. Contact us today for professional, quality and complete immersive marketing services for any space and any industry.

Captivate Customers

The longer a client spends looking through different sections of a space, the more likely they are to visit in person. Combined with other interactive tools like Media Tags, these tours can entice the visitor to purchase from you.

Increase Engagement

Clickability is the new likability, the more a view is engaged with your business online. The more likely they are going to visit in person. Include interactive tools like Media Tags, taking the viewer to another level of engagement.

Save Time and Effort

Instead of missing buyers after hours, you can enjoy increased virtual foot traffic by remaining virtually open for anyone who wants to visit and purchase. This saves you the time and resources you would otherwise spend staying open and catering to customers who just come in to look.

Search Engine Optimisation

The more Google sees that customers are responding and interacting with your increased level of online content the more credit Google gives to you and your business elevating you in online search queries which puts you leaps and bounds above your competition.

Social Media Sharable

The power of social media

Virtual tours are perfect for sharing on social media.  Highly engaging and informative content that created interest. Facebook loves content that engages and informs its users.  Our 3D Virtual Tours offer several different ways to interact with Facebook and your other social media platforms that boost your online social media presence.

“It was a pleasure to work with Dean on the Healthy Homes project. Dean brought the project’s vision to life. He listened to our aim and provided his expertise along the way which enhanced the project outcome. The virtual tours developed will support healthy homes staff to assess homes by healthy homes standards and work towards whanau living in homes that are warm, dry and healthy”

Riana Mohammed

Project Manager, Outcome Services, National Hauora Coalition


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