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The traditional brick-and-mortar retail experience isn’t dead, it is simply evolving, and Matterport is leading that evolution. Leveraging Matterport, merchants can capture and preserve the traditional shopping experience to offer familiarity, while also enhancing business efficiency and driving growth. Using 3D capture technology, a user can scan a physical environment, collect data from it and then accurately reproduce it into a digital 3D space.

3D retail experience

A common misconception is that any digital innovation in the retail sector will contribute to the demise of brick-and-mortar stores. However, 3D technology is more likely to form the connection between eCommerce and brick-and-mortar, ushering physical retail spaces into the shopping landscape of the future.

Virtual product journeys

Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of not only the products they are using but also of their journey in terms of sourcing, manufacture and logistics. Complete transparency is fast becoming the new normal of consumerism, and the opportunity for VR to help facilitate this need is more apparent than ever. We’re already starting to see this with tools such as Vivino, which allows users to “choose a wine with confidence” by scanning a bottle via their smartphones to instantly access ratings, reviews and prices. Matterport technology can further expedite this experience by integrating product information into the 3D scan itself, from the inception of the product’s lifecycle right through to its final destination on the store shelf. Consumers looking to make more informed buying decisions would be able to access details about the lifecycle of any given product in the store.

Planning and managing experiences at scale
Retailers can do more than create a new and exciting eCommerce experience. They can quickly capture 3D virtual tours of in-store equipment, inventory, product selection and placement, POS displays, and much more to create a consistent brand experience across locations. Using this visual data, stores can plan, implement, and manage floor layouts and merchandising more efficiently than ever before. Merchants are able to provide a digital blueprint for other stores to follow and successfully replicate, so that each customer receives a high-quality, omnichannel experience regardless of store layout, location or design limitations.

Enabling reopening during Covid-19 restrictions

Whether for a quick order pick-up or a socially-distanced in-store visit, Matterport can provide customers peace of mind with visual assurance that the right safety measures and precautions have been taken on premises. Consumers can quickly and easily check out a store’s arrangement online to ensure that it is following physical distancing guidelines.

Improved documentation & stock management

Digital twins of retail spaces are a simple and cost-effective way to stay on top of maintenance issues and train employees on new processes. Matterport digital tags, known as Mattertags, are used to label equipment within the 3D space to document repairs, upkeep requests and training information.

Consistent shopping experiences

Matterport not only delivers an accurate 3D visual representation of stores but the data behind it. Employees have easy and intuitive access to information that would have been impossible to find buried inside emails and spreadsheets, including accurate measurements of the entire store and dimensions of the aisles, equipment and anything else within it. Digital twins of stores can be used to plan merchandising, seasonal and promotional rollouts, too.

Staff training

Employees also benefit from 3D walkthroughs of the stores they will be working in. New or visiting employees can gain access to a store from their own computer to quickly understand the flow of the space without the need for an in-person walkthrough. Helping new employees learn their way around means they can hit the ground running when they start, effectively minimising the time required to train new recruits on-site.

Data insight
When it comes to the role of data within the retail space and its relationship with immersive technology, there’s a wealth of information waiting to be unearthed that could be of vital importance to improving marketing efforts. Similarly, spatial data capture can convey real-time analysis of how customers move around a retail space and interact with the products on offer. This information can then be harnessed to improve marketing, optimize
stock and increase revenue.
Faster time to market

Acquiring, constructing, remodelling and rebranding retail sites are tasks that require accurate physical details and measurements to enable effective collaboration with architectural firms and third-party contractors. Matterport captures the data needed for more precise bids without time-consuming site visits and helps to accelerate decision-making. Designers can generate accurate point cloud data directly from a Matterport 3D digital twin to quickly create CAD, Revit or SketchUp models. 3D design templates can be easily replicated for other stores.


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