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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use 3D Virtual Tour?
Premium Virtual Tours offer viewers more than visuals, they offer a sense of immersion into Premium Virtual Tour gives your audience a true sense of presence as if they are really there. That is why our Virtual Tours are the most immersive way to experience a brand, business, restaurant or any physical location form any device and from anywhere. 
How does a Premium Virtual Tour differ from a Google tour?
A google virtual tour is a collection of photospheres or 360 panoramic photos. Taken by photographers using DSLR cameras to capture multiple photos which are stitched together to form a panorama which is viewed with a player.

We use a high tech Matterport 3D visionary system which has 12 lenses and sensors to capture 3D imagery and object orientation mapping to create a polygon mesh. The mesh is rendered into a dynamic 3D model which can be explored from any device and from anywhere online and through virtual reality headset. A 3D navigation dollhouse allows the viewer to explore the space in its entirety allowing one ‘drop’ in at any point within the capture to begin exploring.

How long does the process take?

For a space of up to 2500 ft, +- 235sqm the capture takes between 1.5hrs – 2.5hrs. This is dependant on the complexity and layout or the space. Each space is unique. We will discuss with you any issues and solutions we may see arising from space. Following the capture, processing and delivery of the final Premium Virtual Tour can take up to 72 hours.

Does anyone need to be present during the capture?

You are welcome to hang around, ask questions and see how we capture the space. However, we must warn you this is a repetitive process. Our prefered work practice is to be left alone as attention to detail is paramount for a great 3D Virtual Tour. We will provide you with a short checklist for
Preparing for your 3D Virtual Tour.

Are there any cancellation fees?

We understand that things happen, but we ask that you cancel your appointment within three working days to avoid a $75 cancellation fee.

Is rush turnaround available?

Yes, where ever possible we will do our best to accommodate you and your timeframe.

Can you scan outdoors?

Technically yes and no, the technology is design to capture image, objects and distance. This is done through high tech lasers.  Infrared light rays from the sun can affect these lasers. So the short answer is ‘no’ not on sunny days outside but ‘yes’ on an overcast day outside. However, we can provide 360-degree photography for outdoor spaces which can be captured on a sunny day these are included in the highlight reel.

Do you offer discounted rates for bulk project?

We are happy to have a discussion with you.

Can my space be viewed in Virtual Reality?

Yes, on request our models are VR Ready. Virtual reality headsets offer the most immersive way to experience the Virtual 3D Tour. Headsets – like the Samsung Gear VR, or Google Cardboard are recommended.

How can I share my 3D tours?

Your new tour will be hosted on a secure cloud. You will receive links, including embedded code within 24 hours of the render. It is easy to share! Simply copy and paste into any website, email, Facebook post, or social media platform.

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