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The Sanctuary Dental Pukekohe & Dentec NZ 

The client

Dentec is New Zealand’s leading equipment supply and installation company serving the unique needs of dental and medical professionals. They work with industry professionals to deliver exceptional quality and service to their clients. 

The project

  • As leaders in their industry, an innovative approach to marketing was a natural fit for Dentec. Showcasing their latest project with virtual tour gives their potential clients an online ‘walk through’ so they can experience the quality and unique service Dentec deliver.
  • The virtual tour is a win for Dentec and their client. The Sanctuary Dental Pukekohe are able to share their beautifully designed dental practice and demonstrate their investment in specialist equipment with patients before they walk through the door.
  • The Sanctuary Dental are focussed on patient care so we worked out of business hours to ensure patient service was not disrupted. 
  • It was a pleasure working with Dentec and The Sanctuary because they take such pride in their work and are focussed delivering the best.

One shoot, two deliverables

Matterport 3D virtual tour and Google Street View tour.



Premium Virtual Tour

Google Street View

Still Photography

360° Panoramic

Social Media

Virtual Reality


We track the performance of all our tours. – three key statistics.

  • Impressions – When a page loads successfully with a virtual tour. An impression counts before a user clicks the virtual tour.
  • Visits – A visit is when a virtual tour loads successfully and is ready to explore. A visit counts when the user clicks the play button.
  • Unique Visit – Number of visits from a distinct user – How many users have viewed the tour more than once.



Every time the Sanctuary Dentist Virtual tour has been loaded on a webpage, or social channel it has been viewed. Out of the 518 users that have viewed the tour 145 users have viewed the tour more than once.



Screenshot for Matterport Statistics

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