Offer a 3D virtual tour of your coworking and office share space. Showoff your unique environment, use a virtual tour to show how
your space functions and what makes it unique in the marketplace. Matterport immersive virtual tours will help you stand out about your competition.

At VirtualPro we empower New Zealand businesses with the immersive storytelling.  Creating Immersive 3D Virtual Tours that feel so real, it’s like being there. The possibilities are endless.

Find out how 3D Virtual Tours can boost your business and create buzz with your audience.

The Benefits.

Marketing professionals and businesses all over the world are experiencing the benefit of using advanced 3D solutions for showcasing their space. Businesses are gaining increased exposure higher, enquires and shorter sales cycles.

3D virtual tours, a completely new form of immersive 3D media, that invites you to explore a space, business or place as if you were really there. Boost engagement, connect with visitors and take your brand story to the next level by attracting and entertaining new audiences.

Real Estate, Property Management, Commercial Real Estate, Hospitality and Events, News and Entertainment, Architecture, Engineering and Construction, Restaurants, Retail, Cultural Spaces and Exhibitions, Insurance, documentation, reporting and more.</>

3D virtual TOUR

Dollhouse and floor plan views, as well as a virtual reality viewing option.

High Res Photography

Embedding pop-up tags to highlight key  

embedded media Links

Embedding pop-up tags to highlight key features of the space with small billboards of 

Interactive Dollhouse View

Simple link for easy email, text or social media sharing, iframe for website.

High lights Reel

Google Business listing integration.

Google Street Ready

Google Business listing integration.

Social Shareable

Analytics, measurements, floor plans and extracting still photos.

Teaser Video

point cloud and .obj file formats for CAD.

Virtual Reality Ready

point cloud and .obj file formats for CAD.

Connect, engage, enhance your brand and marketing experiences. Immersive brand experience , built with 3D virtual tours.


Deeply immersive virtual exploration that can be delivered to anyone anywhere.

  • 3D Virtual tour
  • Interactive Dollhouse view
  • Shareable on any smart device
  • Virtual reality ready
  • Extractable high-resolution photography
  • HIgh lights reel
  • Social media teaser video

Does your business use content to market and communicate your unique offering. Do you value and power of social media and the internet? Businesses like yours are using 3D Virtual Tours today to attract and qualify clients, impress viewers, extend their marketing and brand story. 

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