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About us

VirtualPro was launched in January 2018 with the aim to introduce Matterport virtual tours into the New Zealand market. Combining this service with photography solutions, design and digital marketing, the company aimed to provide quality expertise to a range of clients in different industries.

Industry Growth

VirtualPro is currently servicing the Real Estate, Property Management and Co-working sectors however, the company is now branching out into the hospitality and venue sector, working with hotels and venues on virtual tour projects that will help their marketing campaigns. They are also looking at the insurance industry, where there is the opportunity to provide digital documentation service.

What we offer

VirtualPro offer 3D scanning, drone photography, lead Generation and Google Street View Tours, however, their main service is Virtual Tours. Guiding their customers about how best to use the 3D Virtual Tour and the matterport technology showing their clients how it will aid their business and capture more potential customers.

VirtualPro Matterport package includes the virtual tour, 4k photography taken directly from the virtual tour, floor plans, matter tag posts, customised teaser videos and 360 photos for social media.

VirtualPro adapts the price of their services depending on the size of the property or building. The average residential property in Auckland using this technology is approximately 150-250 square metres, with charges ranging from $300-$550 depending on requirements and location and purpose.

The Results

Matterport has had a huge impact on VirtualPro. The company was established around the Matterport technology, and therefore all of the current clients are new and a result of the Matterport virtual tour technology. Clients enjoy seeing the virtual tours in action, and its ease of use when viewing on any smart device. Production is fast and efficient with a typical turnaround time 24-48hours. VirtualPro is now in a great place to sell the Matterport solution to prospective many sectors. Their clients have found that it speeds up the selling and decision-making process, saving their clients and prospective customers time.

Success Story

VirtualPro recently introduced their services to Gyms and Property Management Services . VirtualPro is now offer lead generation social media landing for  real estate sales.  The clients were so impressed with both the results and the impact on their marketing campaigns, that they are adjusting their strategy for the new marketing.

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