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Matterport Digital Twins

Matterport 3D Virtual digital twin helps people connect with spaces without physically being there. If your client needs to physically view what you have to offer before they buy, lease or rent, we can help them make a quicker decision. 

High Density

3D Scanning



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3D Navigation


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Interactive Features

Google Street View


more than real estate

Turn your business or retail space into a 3D virtual experience. Provide a preview of what customers can expect.

Virtual  show

Since 1985, Rayglass Boats have been recognised as leading designers and manufacturers of high-quality, award-winning power boats. Pride in product, innovation and commitment to quality is the formula for the success behind our globally recognised brand. 

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The POLARºSTORE™ Cold Room allows you to apply a specific temperature set point for your products between -40°C and +45°C, maintaining that critical temperature 24/7.

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Comfi Mattresses

New Zealand’s first online bed store with a social purpose hand-sewn into every centimetre of every New Zealand-made mattress.

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Introducing the BOApod

The BOApod is an all-weather, all-terrain mobile unit that enables the user to assemble hydraulic hoses following the same principles used in original manufacturing facilities.

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Official Winner 

Virtualpro won the Digital Twin Awards 2021 – A global awards event that celebrates the best Matterport Digital Twins

Matterport Marketing 3D tour


Official Supplier to TV3  and Raywhite – Matterport 3D Virtual Tours

Matterport Marketing 3D tour

Virtual Orientation

Enhanced customer experience – Offer a 3D walkthrough of your office or Co-working space, clients new and existing so they can quickly orientate themselves with the space. 


Matterport virtual property tours

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Revolutionising the way property, buildings and business are experienced online. By heart, we are a prop-tech marketing company specialising in sourcing and delivering unique visual and virtual experiences. By choice, we are specialist in Matterport 3D immersive scanning and technology.

We create and deliver highly effective 3D Matterport Virtual tours for purposes of marketing, documentation and inspections.

What drives us - delivering wow moments to our clients. What excites us - partnering with forwarding think people who see the possibilities.

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The bearer of this certificate is hereby deemed fully capable and skilled in Matterport camera operation in a claims environment.

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